Rodent Control In Southwest Florida

Raccoons, rats, mice, and opossums are frequently a pest control issue for Southwest Florida’s home and business owners. Just like you and I, rodents love our warm climate and love your warm home on those rare occasions when the temperature drops. These animals frequently enter your home, garage, or shed seeking shelter or in some cases food. The main issues surrounding rodents involve their ability to spread disease and illness. Not only do they harbor fleas and ticks, but rodents of all sizes and species can also be a host for Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, Rabies, and many other deadly sicknesses.

In addition to illness, rodents are capable of destroying your home and property by chewing electrical wires, burrowing into your home’s foundation, blocking sewer lines, and disturbing your landscaping.

In addition to the physical removal of a rodent, when it comes to rodent pest control, several actions can be completed throughout your home to prevent a rodent invasion. Effective techniques include blocking off all possible entry points. Rodents will find breaks in entry points so frequent inspections are required and repair any breaks promptly. Rodents trapped inside will need to be trapped and removed.

Maintaining reliable sanitation practices will also deter rodents away from your property. Clean up garbage and trash responsibly, properly store and dispose of food, remove nesting locations, eliminate standing water, and promptly store fruits and vegetables grown on your property.

If you encounter a rodent control issue at your home or business the rodent experts at Roy’s Wildlife and Pest Control are on call to efficiently and effectively remove rodents from your property and home.

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