Signs of Bed Bugs In Your Southwest Florida Home

Most people have heard of bed bugs, but do not understand the dire threat they pose. Because of the way these creatures get around, anyone is susceptible to experiencing a bed bug infestation. Regardless if your home is the cleanest or biggest on the block, bed bugs can easily invade your home. Bed bugs can hitch a ride in bags, boxes, luggage, and even shoes and clothing.

There are a few signs that these creatures have made your home, their home. Individuals may experience waking up with red bites present on the skin. Bed bugs feed at night and though the bite is not painful, the resulting open wound is often itchy and sore. In addition to bites, small red dots may be present on your sheets and linens along with brownish streaks of excrement. Homeowners may encounter a living, adult bed bug. Bed bugs are identified by their brown, oval bodies that are generally the size of an apple seed at peak maturity.

If you encounter or strongly believe that bed bugs have infiltrated your home, take action right away. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly and if a small issue is not eliminated a full-blown infestation may break out throughout your home. Some homeowners believe that DIY solutions can easily remove these pests. The fact of the matter is, store-bought treatments are not effective. Heat treatments and industrial level treatment solutions applied by professional pest control technicians are the preferred method of treatment.

Roy’s pest control can effectively eliminate the presence of bed bugs in your home or business. Our technicians are highly trained and utilize the industry’s preferred pesticides to locate and remove bed bugs even in even the hardest areas to treat.

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